About Pocket Points, Inc.

Pocket Points started as an idea at Chico State in Northern California. The problem of smartphone usage in the classroom was obvious so we decided to create a solution. We thought to ourselves...What would incentivize students to stay off their phones more than free food? By partnering with local businesses who were willing to offer discounts through the app, Pocket Points was born.

When the app launched at Chico it quickly became popular with the students. This raised the attention of schools across the nation who were requesting to bring Pocket Points to their campus. The app went live at a small number of additional schools during it’s second semester where it immediately saw a dramatic increase in growth.

Ever since, Pocket Points has been expanding to additional schools as fast as possible to keep up with the demand of students, teachers, and businesses. Currently, Pocket Points is available at over 200 schools in the United States and Canada.

The Team

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